ATMNM: Kitsune’s my favorite so far

Akazukin is my first R-18 Otome game played, but rest assured this review is safe for work.

Meet the loveable Kitsune, ahhh..~my heart skipped a beat every time he does bold stuff at Tiana. (I started hurling my shoujo mangas in the air, getting crazy and stuff). Kitsune-san is a Ren-ai Newbie (Love Noob), a tsundere to boot and quite the jealous type. His first love was Tiana, but it seems like the heroine’s memories were hazy that she can only recall a bit and the fact that she actually bullies him when they were still kids was dreadful enough to recall, but even so Kitsune likes her (He’s a masochist perhaps?

Anyway, Tiana liked Kitsune’s tsuun side and started falling in love with him, though they constantly quarrel over it, they slowly opened up to each other. I find it really sweet that Kitsune watches over her that one night after hearing her shouting because of her nightmare. He was out there in the cold, watching over her (poor baby~).

After they started going out, Kitsune proposed to Ookami that he will be living together with Tiana. Ookami opposed it at first, but because Tiana retaliates he agreed but advised him to take good care of Tiana. And so their lives as a married couple starts~ well there’s no marriage scene because they lived in a forest filled with half human half beasts, who can anyway?

I just hated the bad endings though, there’s the yandere ending, where Kitsune’s jealousy was over 99999999 that he chocked the heroine to death. Then another bad end was Tiana getting NTR‘ed by Yamaneko-san after he turned Kitsune into a flower. Tiana threw away her pride and begged Yamaneko to turn Kitsune back, so she was viciously violated not knowing that Kitsune’s flower slowly withers in pain.

I am so glad my expectations did not betray me for his route. This was a million times better than compared to Ookami’s route. I spent the whole day neglecting my work because I got hooked playing his route~


6 thoughts on “ATMNM: Kitsune’s my favorite so far

  1. I liked your review! I also enjoyed Kitsune’s route! He was just so cute! ( To be a man you must ride a Llama! XD I just cracked up!) Well I played the Japanese version and am trying to find a group that is doing the English patch.. Or is there already one out there??? But anyways! I loved it! It was also my first R-18 VN! Do you know if they already have a english patch or do you know a group trying to english patch it?? I want to help!


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